In order for us to protect the environment, we need to find a way to bring in more solar cars on the road. Aptera is one of the most interesting and exciting projects in this field. This solar car is designed to be very efficient, and it’s an upgrade from the 2e vehicle from Aptera that actually had 3 wheels and it was an aeropod. It’s nice to see that we finally have the opportunity to enjoy a fully solar, electric vehicle that’s not only efficient, but powerful and designed to really bring in the value that you may need.

The car has battery packs ranging from 25 to 100 kwh, so you can get up to 1000 miles of range. That’s really interesting, and the price of the vehicle is not that high either. So if we really want to invest in a great solution and ensure it all works as expected, then going with this type of inventions is totally worth it. There’s a lot of value to be had in the solar and electric world, and we really need to start harnessing more of that. It’s not going to be the easiest thing, but cars like Aptera are definitely going to offer the results we want.

The smaller motors won’t overburden the suspension. Yet even so, we will get from 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds, which is amazing in its own right. On top of that, Aptera meets the NHTSA safety requirements, so the vehicle is solid and a great option on the road. Aptera has a method of using microfluidic channels within the composite resin skin. That means it gets to cool down the solar panels, motor and battery that way, which is actually really exciting and efficient. It’s totally something to take into consideration here.

Aptera also claims to have 4x the EV efficiency which is already a very good thing. The solar panels they added are going to offer you 20 miles worth of charge every day, which is actually quite a good investment. It’s nice to see that you do get that extra efficiency and style, and the overall quality is going to impress more than you might expect. If you choose to add even more panels, the daily boost goes to 43 miles solely from solar. It’s also notable to say that Aptera embraces the Right to Repair idea, and that is indeed a good thing.

The Aptera already has more than 12000 orders, so we don’t really know when exactly will it come out, but it’s arriving sometimes soon. The pre-production models are already on the road, and they really bring in a lot of style and quality. It’s nice to see how it all flows together, and the efficiency you get from something like this is amazing. Aptera did work hard and it does provide a lot of revolutionary ideas, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Yes, it does sound amazing, and we can expect the Aptera production model to be pretty impressive in its own right!