Solar panels can be a great way to charge a car, and even if they might not fully charge it, the truth is that they can bring in the extra mileage you want. So using solar panels on a vehicle is actually a great idea, if it has a battery where it can store all that energy. Granted, this is not very powerful, but it does give you the extra oomph you need in order to stay on the road and continue driving. And it’s stuff like that which truly makes it well worth the effort.

Can you use solar panels to charge an electric car?

Yes, you can use solar panels to charge a car, but these are mostly suitable for storing some extra energy. You can’t rely only on solar panels in order to charge the vehicle. It does depend on how much you want to use the car, but if you want to drive it for a few hundred miles, then solar panels are not going to cut it.

Instead, solar panels are more suitable to add that extra, small boost you need for the battery. They are still great and a very good option, so you do have to at least check and see for yourself. It might actually impress you the mileage you can get from this kind of stuff. It really is one of those things that people love and which might actually come in handy more than you might expect.

How many solar panels do you need?

It depends on the power and size of the solar panels. Some would say that 6 to 12 solar panels are enough for a car. But as we said, this is just to get the extra boost of energy and you can’t rely on driving only with solar. The reality is that solar systems blend very well with an electric car to bring that extra boost. You can’t expect solar panels to be the only source of power for the vehicle. Some very small vehicles only have solar panels, but those are not going to be something you rely on to go to work every day.

Should you buy a solar car?

Solar cars also tend to have an electric component, so they do rely on solar panels and also use electricity to charge. Which is great, because you can have the best of both worlds. And yes, you still get to protect the planet, so in the end everyone wins. That’s why it can be a great idea to charge a car this way, and the benefits you receive in the end are nothing short of staggering. We always encourage you to push the limits and bring in great results, and once you do that, the outcome can be amazing.

There will always be some challenges when it comes to relying solely on solar panels, but many manufacturers are already finding solutions. So it can be well worth it, at the end of the day it all comes down to implementation and other factors.