The idea of having a solar car or an electric car is quite interesting. Recently Lightyear 0 was launched and this is the first production ready solar car in the entire world. It’s definitely an interesting option and one that a lot of people want to check out, just because it’s so unique and different.

The question is, now that we have a solar car, how does it compare to a fully electric car like Tesla? There’s no denying that a lot of cars are very powerful and they bring in a plethora of cool elements into the mix. The challenge here is figuring out where you can get the best results and experience, and how it all falls together.

In the case of the Lightyear 0, there are many promising things. They promise an up to 1000 km of driving range, since you have a battery range of 625 km and also 70 km coming from daily solar energy. Of course, this type of range you get during the summer, so it won’t be as much in darker days or in bad weather. Still, the fact that you get so much range is definitely impressive, and it removes the downsides from not having a petrol-based car, which would be the extra range.

Having the solar roof is a nice thing and it does help quite a lot. Of course, the Tesla has a better design and a lot more electronic features. Which is why it means you have a more enticing user experience, not to mention it’s more digitalized. While Lightyear 0 has a spartan approach towards the interface, the fact that you have a lower weight and less battery, while also adding the solar panel aspect is quite interesting.

Overall, we do think that Tesla still delivers a better driving and usage experience. However, Lightyear 0 does offer a lower weight, less emissions and a smaller battery. Yet the driving range is longer, and simple stuff like that just shows the value you can receive and the quality that you bring to the table. We do believe that both of these are great vehicle, Tesla has the upper edge for now because it’s been for some time on the market and it brings lots of value. However, Lightyear 0 is still one of the most powerful vehicles and the fact that it’s solar too certainly makes it stand out.